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Red Wing Naturseal

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Leather is one of nature’s most appealing gifts. It is very rugged, enduring treatment far better than most man-made fabrics. However, most leather is hydrophilic, which means leather is a very efficient sponge. Surrounding each fiber with a hydrophobic (water repelling) material to prevent the absorption of water is what NaturSeal is all about. NaturSeal has no odor...there is no offensive smell to put up with during application. NaturSeal silicone base formula is unique in its ability to allow leather to breathe while remaining waterproof. NaturSeal not only waterproofs, it conditions the leather for longer life and maximum protection. NaturSeal penetrates leather deeply to maintain a waterproof barrier that does not wear off with usage and abrasion. NaturSeal (liquid & paste) is approved by W.L. Gore & Associates for use on all footwear using their waterproofing membrane and by Red Wing Shoe Company for use on Red Wing waterproof leathers.
Red Wing Naturseal