ASP Sentry Handcuffs

ASP Sentry Handcuffs
ASP Sentry Handcuffs

ASP Sentry Handcuffs

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ASP Sentry Handcuffs are an extremely good handcuff at a surprisingly low price. ASP surveyed instructors and officers throughout the world to learn officers perspectives on better handcuff design. The most desirable handcuff features were listed and categorized. The result is a design unlike any other. The ASP Sentry Handcuff introduces features, construction and materials that are innovative, real world and strong. Sentry Handcuffs are constructed of corrosion resistant stainless steel frames and chain. Strength potential was maximized through an optimal combination of materials, heat treatment and frame geometry.

The swivel has traditionally been the weakest part of any handcuff design. The ASP Sentry Handcuff uses a roller bearing style mechanism to provide 360 degree reinforcement of the swivel ensuring smooth, non-binding rotation. Dual sided keyways and double lock slots provide faster and easier adjustment, double locking and removal. One direction unlocking releases single and double locks in one turn and prevent incorrect key rotation. Bead blasted matte finish adds a premium look and feel. ASP Sentry handcuffs weigh 12.3 ounces. 1 ASP handcuff key included. Sentry Handcuffs are larger than standard, but not as big as other ASP handcuffs and won't fit in some standard handcuff cases. They will fit in any cases for ASP, S&W Model 1 or Peerless 801 hinged.


  • I-beam inspired double strands provide strength and rigidity without unnecessary bulk.
  • Edges and surfaces are smoothed and rounded for reduced risk of injury.
  • Forged steel bows allow incomparably smooth, fast rotation.
  • Conical bow geometry and flat contact surfaces allow more precise application on a wide range of wrist sizes.

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