Wraith Tactical

Is Pleased To Announce Our Partnership With Wraith Tactical

 Wraith Tactical is a innovative veteran ran company that specializes in tactical leading edge products for Police, Law Enforcement, Military, and First Responders. 

The Concealed Armor Rapid Response Pack was designed to quickly be of use to ANY first responder – whether that be Law Enforcement, EMT, Fire or Civilian.  The CARR Pack was designed by personnel who came from the law enforcement community and have spent the last 15 years training Law Enforcement and Military for active shooter response.  It was developed specifically to address the short comings of what our first responders are expected to do and what equipment they are given to address this very specific threat that our nation is ever increasingly facing. The pack incorporates the capabilities of a ballistic plate carrier and a multi-casualty medical kit that can be configured specific to the user’s needs.  Since the average LE officer does not carry suitable armor, additional magazines, ammo or medical supplies for a multiple casualty event.  Fire and EMS are now challenged with entering warm and hot zones but still need the ability to work as they move.

 The pack eliminates the need for individual plate carriers, medical kits, additional cummerbunds or even the medical tool box to be carried or added to the users’ kit.  The pack is easily stowed so it is not obtrusive when not needed; it also allows personnel to carry it in without looking as though they are wearing tactical gear.  This also crosses over into public events where all first responder elements can fit in without alarming the general population as to their presence in venues such as golf tournaments or concerts and fairs, etc.  Because the kit can be configured to fit the desired usage, it eliminates the need to purchase multiple types of armor or medical kits as the packs MOLLE system can be outfitted with all the necessary items each individual user or team member requires.

            If you have any further questions, contact Jennifer Phillips-Carrillo for any further information.